The Food Park bandwagon? We jumped on one BTW

Is it just a bandwagon, or will food parks be here to stay?

Food parks are a thing in the Philippines recently (or in Metro Manila at least).  They are sprouting everywhere!  They seem to work for Filipinos.  With a laid back, non-intimidating atmosphere, and a variety of food choices (ideally), it sure is inviting to give you or your friends a good time satisfying whatever cravings you have.

Recently, as a next step to our growth, we decided to put up a small store in a food park.  Localle Food Park in BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City.  So if this thing is a bandwagon, then  yes, we jumped on to one.

The challenge with food parks is providing good value for money.  Some tend to be expensive, understandably so, as rent can be pricey in such places.  We see some food parks open and maintain the hype.  Others would eventually close, or lose concessionaires.  And it gets more challenging when competing food parks are near each other.

With the appetite of Filipinos increasing and evolving, food parks are a good venue to explore.  As a young chef or someone who just loves cooking, it’s a good venue to test your recipe.  As new entrepreneurs, it is a platform to test the waters.  At Localle Food Park, we met a lot of first-time entrepreneurs.  Together, we are learning how to run a business, and develop our product.  We aren’t sure if food parks are here to stay.  Whatever the case, it’s a new learning experience for us.

Is it just a bandwagon, or will food parks be here to stay?  We do hope it’s the latter.

Oh, and in case you’re in Las Piñas area, do visit PALAKAPE at Localle Food Park!


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