EP 1: Semi-Interrupted Coffee Mornings

When the first video recordings for the series were shot, the Palakape’s nephew was at the scene, curious about the activity.  The little kid is usually like that when he’s in the mood to check his uncle brewing coffee.  To add to that, there are background noise that are normal in the area, and are inevitably captured by the available microphone.  Thus, it was decided to incorporate these slight disturbances to the scene, and so, the name for this mini-series came up: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings!

In the first episode, learn how to prepare coffee using a common brewing apparatus: the French Press.  A few of the parameters that would generally be followed in all brewing methods were also discussed.

If you’re not yet this deep into coffee, we hope you learn something in this episode.  Do wait for the other brewing methods we’ll present!  And we hope you find this video entertaining! 

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