EP 2: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

In a more peaceful episode, the Palakape shows you how he usually brews coffee with the French Press. Already aware of his preference, instruments are not used in this video. Because ultimately, you decide on how you like your coffee!  How about you? What are your personal preferences in coffee?

As an observation/opinion, the French Press is that brewing method that could test the quality of coffee.  Here’s why we think so (could just be speculation, take it with a grain of salt): its filter is metal that is inert and not fine enough compared to a paper filter.  Water conditions being equal, most flavors would be captured when coffee is brewed via French Press.  Filter paper can capture some of the flavors of coffee, which at times could be a benefit, i.e. it can reduce the bitterness.  

Also, the brewing conditions for the French Press is close to cupping. The grind is coarse, and the water doesn’t pass once-through the coffee bed as in most brewing methods.  Water and coffee are mixed and sit for a time. So when coffee is bad, it’s really bad with the French Press and vice versa.

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