EP 5: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

Just rounding up all we have to say about the Aeropress in this episode. (We know, that brewer again!) Get an idea of how you can play around the conditions till you get your preferred cup. This Palakape really prefers his drink stronger, with a practical approach to preparation.

Having seen the inverted method first, it just made sense to the Palakape to do it that way since the conditions can be more controlled. All the coffee grounds would be subjected to the same conditions. Such as, mixing at constant volume, and then pressurized extraction of coffee as the mixture is pushed via the plunger. You can also play around more with the grind and brew time. As manual grinder is used most of the time, sometimes a coarser grind is preferred to end the grinding faster.

After the surprise in episode 3, however, it’s worth considering the use of Aeropress based on its original instructions. The reduced temperature of 80 deg C is most likely the main reason for that fantastic taste of coffee. So, the Palakape would now prepare coffee in an inverted way, but at a lower temperature. With no thermometer usually, the adjustment in the morning routine is to boil the coffee earlier to allow more time for heat loss. Say, you boil it before taking your first pee or something. LOL!

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