EP 6: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

The Phin, these days a mark of Vietnamese coffee tradition, is a simple metal filter assembly. This was the first brewing apparatus that the Palakape owned, after a trip to Vietnam in 2016. So it gives him good memories of coffee discovery every time he uses it.

In this episode, we showed how to make use of the Phin. 10 g of coffee was used, even though the amount of water would be less than 180 g. That amount is also checked out of curiosity, hence, the use of weighing scale.

The Palakape brewed a bit too fast though. It could be that the grind of coffee is a bit coarser than recommended, or, the amount of coffee is less. Vietnamese coffee is characteristically bold and strong. (Though boldness would be less due to medium roast coffee instead of dark.)

So, what do you think he did wrong?

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