EP 7: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

The Chemex was invented by a chemist named Peter Schlumbohm. When this brewer came under the Palakape’s radar, he just had to buy it! First, this glass hour-glass shape carafe with a wooden handle just speaks beauty and class. It also struck a nerdy chord in him, recognizing the chemistry lab inspired design.

Using this brewing method produces a very smooth and clean cup of coffee, thanks to the Chemex bonded filters. It significantly reduces the bitter flavor of coffee no matter how strong your drink is. In our opinion, it’s the best for dark-roasted coffee. For medium or light roast, it may not be, as the thick filter paper seem to reduce even flavors that you could still enjoy. That was the case in this episode, when the brew ratio of 1 g coffee to 18 g water was used. But remember, you can always increase the amount of coffee to your liking.

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