EP 8: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

In this episode, the Palakape shows how he makes Chemex coffee, without weighing and reading temperature. Based on experience, the size of Aeropress’ scoop is good for his taste. So he normally uses that.

Another thing that could be done for manual brew is wetting the filter paper first. In the Chemex procedure, this is optional. One possible reason for that is to avoid some of the solutes to cling to your filter. That’s what’s mentioned in this video. However, this could just be speculation. We recommend testing it to see any difference in coffee flavor.

But one thing it does is allowing the filtration to occur a bit faster. This is because wet filter paper has already “made way” for the water. Through capillary action, the water and coffee solution already has a path to take in the filter, to make its way down the cup or carafe. Also, as in chemistry lab, it is done so the filter adheres to the funnel.

And if you watched the video completely, yes, he was screaming inside after THAT mistake. LOL.

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