EP 10: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

So we are adding a few more episodes in this mini series as there are a couple of coffee brewers that aren’t featured. And with the timing comes a couple of possible interruptions, like the twins in this case! 😀

In this episode, the Hario Filter-in Coffee Bottle cold brewer is featured. It’s a gift received by the Palakape from last year’s Christmas. The design of this brewer is just classy, don’t you think?

The good thing about cold brew is that it can give you a flavorful drink that’s not bitter or sour. The cooler temperature slows down the degradation and oxidation that can occur to some of the components of the coffee. Oxidation of oils leads to coffee tasting sour, while degradation of acids add to the bitter flavor. But the dissolution also occurs slowly, so you have to compensate with time, which is much longer! And of course, if you want a stronger flavor, you have to add more coffee.

There would come a point of equilibrium in terms of dissolution. One can only extract so much from coffee at a certain temperature. So even if you leave the coffee soaked for more than you intend, it won’t make much difference in flavor once the equilibrium is reached. In our opinion, you search for the sweet spot, by identifying the brew time in which the saturation is reached and then deciding if you want to saturate or under extract the coffee. Have you ever tried the Cold Brew? What can you say about it? Do you think it’s worth your time? Because we do!

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