EP 11: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

When you think of manual brew, what do you imagine first? A dripper/pour over put on top of a cup would probably come to mind. This palakape didn’t have one of those yet till the recent Christmas season. In this episode, he’s testing out just for the second time his own Hario V60 Dripper. Speaking of second time, the twins were there to interrupt again. 😀

We think the Hario V60 is designed pretty well. Even with coffee at medium-fine grind, the brewing is not slowed too much thanks to the angle (60 degrees) of the funnel and the grooves that assist flow of water thru the coffee bed. Finer grind allow for faster extraction of coffee, so too much contact time might result to a bitter-tasting drink – perhaps due to over extraction and/or degradation of acids occurring while still brewing.

As a side note, this episode is filled with Hario products! The weighing scale used by the Palakape is actually the one paired to the brewer used and is called a Hario V60 Drip Scale. And the grinder is also a Hario.

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