EP 12: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

This mini series has come to the last episode! As mentioned, we are featuring the personal manual brewers of this Palakape. And since this is the last, then it’s the series’ end! We hope you enjoyed and learned from our simple effort to educate about coffee making.

In this episode, (a non-fancy) Ibrik is featured. The Palakape got it from a supermarket in Dubai. We assume it’s rightfully a brewer for Arabic coffee since we got it from the UAE, LOL.

The Ibrik is used for making coffee Turkish or Arabic style. From search, it seems like the typical way to prepare such drink is adding both sugar and coffee to the water and then heating the mixture up to the point where boiling is just starting. Fancy demos even make use of heated sand for gradual heating, and require more maneuvering from the barista. In this video though, the Palakape didn’t add sugar as he prefers black coffee. And out of curiosity, he measured the coffee-to-water ratio and the temperature by the end of heating. Typically, there’s no exact measurement in preparing this type of coffee.

Do watch the video and if you’re from Turkey or any Arabian state, let us know in the comments what we did right or wrong!

Also, do not follow the unsafe practice done in this video! Make sure your set up is stable, LOL! And finally, we apologize to the Turkish and Arabic coffee community for the possible blunder in the video.

Thank you all for the time and we hope you learned something from Palakape.

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