Make coffee using the Palakape Bamboo SS Tumbler

So last March, we just released the very first Palakape merch everrr: the Palakape Bamboo SS Tumbler! It is a limited piece (you know, tiny company constraints) and we couldn’t be more happy to have it as the first branded item to sell. The bamboo texture just goes well with our logo! 😀

The tumbler with filter detached (left)

One thing that makes a lot of difference in this tumbler is having a detachable filter. It effectively makes the assembly an infuser! Think of putting tea leaves in there, and keeping the filter on top, you can just drink your tea without worrying about munching on leaves. So it wouldn’t be strange to think that you can do the same with coffee, right?

We already believed it’d work prior to getting hold of the items. And when they arrived, we experimented as soon as we found time. The first time it was tested was in a real-life “on-the-go” scenario, where one of the owners had to quickly prepare for a very early appointment. He thought of using the tumbler to make “take out” coffee to be sipped while driving. After finishing breakfast, he prepared the coffee as shown in the video below. That’s the first and obvious method of brewing coffee using the bamboo tumbler. The resulting drink was pretty good, and it made him happy to think that it makes the tumbler even more apt for a Palakape!

Of course we have to experiment. Another brewing method playing in the owner’s head is by drip. Because the filter is similar to the flat bottom metal filter that is the Vietnamese Phin, it could work. And in the following video, the owner tried it for the first time. Will it work? Find out in the video below!

Lastly, since the soaking method worked, then doing the same with cold water should work! In the third video, the Palakape did just that. Prepared the infusion in the evening, refrigerated the tumbler, and after 12 hours, tried the resulting cold brew. Oh, that just sealed the deal for us! This Palakape Bamboo SS Tumbler, in an uncomplicated way is a great travel companion for active coffee lovers out there!

At the time of this writing, there are only a few pieces left! Thank you to all those who ordered immediately. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm towards our tiny company! Most buyers belong to the personal network of the owners actually. But hey, we have to start somewhere! Look out for the next items from us! Have a great coffee day today!

P.S. Pardon the excessive vocal fry from the Palakape in the videos. The dry air in Arizona (where he is at the time of filming) does that!

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