In Between – a coffee travel story

This is the first time Palakape’s Bamboo SS Tumbler has its own travel adventure. In between states, in between countries; rest in between driving, rest in between days; These places and moments in between are special. And Palakape loves being accompanied by coffee in those spaces.

Armed with a tumbler that can also be used as a coffee infuser, one Palakape had yet another epic time road tripping. And this time, he went beyond the border of the USA.

Hours and hours of driving was spent again. Coming from the Arizona Valley, it would take five days (averaging 6 hours drive each) before reaching the first major destination. With the long drive, one interesting stop was planned on each day. Using the numbered Instagram feed attached, let’s talk about each moment.

  1. The first sightseeing stop was Hoover Dam, built on the Colorado River, in between Nevada and Arizona. It wasn’t his first time visiting it. But it’s a good scenic stop along the way. That came before spending the night in Las Vegas.
  2. From Las Vegas began the almost vertical drive northwards. In between the drive was an interesting man-made site in rural Nevada. It’s Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park, in Ely. There were 6 large beehive-shaped charcoal ovens that were used way back in 1876 to 1879 to process silver ore [1].
  3. Nevada is also quite a big state. The next sleepover stop was still in that state, at a motel in Wells. The temperature was significantly colder here coming from the flat desert of Arizona. The water inside the container is still cold. Hey, cold brew is still a good idea even if the weather’s not hot. So the Palakape prepared his cold brew for tomorrow, before getting a good night’s sleep.
  4. In between a trip’s silence, is a conversation starter. Such was that time when a tank truck had a big ad of a gasoline station and its coffee! The thought of coffee befalls… in unique ways!
  5. Wells is already near the border of Nevada and Utah. And even better, it’s just an hour drive away to one amazing site found in Utah: the Bonneville Salt Flats. This had been a place of interest for a while, and so a side trip must be made! Now that is a grand flat white! 😉
  6. Sometimes, you drive in such scenic places that when you see a sign pointing to a view point, it’s just irresistible. Such was the case in this stop in between driving, somewhere in (or near) Ellensburg, Washington.
  7. Well, the USA-Canada border had been reached. A stop at the Peace Arch Historical State Park in Blaine, Washington for some sip and photo op was made before crossing! Canada, let’s go!
  8. So the 1st major destination was reached. Whenever at an AirBNB house, it’s always a pleasure to look for a coffee spot. A coffee moment is good to insert in between travel days, whether at the end of one, or at the beginning of the next. This was in Delta, British Columbia, the base chosen for this leg of the trip.
  9. Vancouver is one of the top cities in Canada. But being a fan of nature, it’s the outskirts of the city that the Palakape explored. Lynn Canyon Park provides a simple hiking trail for nature lovers in the city. And when you say canyon, there must be a river in between. And when there’s a river, it’s always nice to sit down and refresh for a while.

A few days in Canada and the views have been good so far. Let’s move on to the next 9.

  1. Horseshoe Bay is where one could board a ferry going to some of the islands off the coast of Vancouver. In between time slots, one can make use of the waiting time as a time to spare. You can just hang out at Horseshoe Bay Park. The beach isn’t the most beautiful, but the water and mountain views are relaxing enough.
  2. Nearby Horseshoe Bay is Whytecliff Park. When the tide is low, one can walk towards Whyte Islet Park. Walk through the barnacle filled rocks and take an easy climb atop the islet. In between climbs, is a savoring of moment. Hmmmm
  3. In between legs of a trip, is planning. As the last exploring day in Vancouver, it’s time to think about what’s next. Also, what’s to eat before heading back to the AirBNB? 😀
  4. The drive towards the next destination is quite long, that it was split. The chosen stop in between was a town of boats named Sicamous. It’s a charming little town by the Mara and Shuswap Lakes. One could just imagine how fun a summer destination it is.
  5. The 2nd major destination sits inside the province of Alberta. At the AirBNB in Canmore, the Palakape settles a bit, taking the coffee break needed in between days. Plus, the amazing view of the Rockies just from the patio calls for this moment.
  6. Banff National Park not just encompass the massive Canadian Rockies. It is also full of beautiful lakes. In between the Trans-Canada Highway and Canadian Pacific Railway, just beside Banff’s town proper, are the Vermilion Lakes.
  7. The glacier-fed Lake Louise is one of the top places to see in Banff National Park. At this time, in between winter and summer, the lake is still semi-frozen.
  8. Quite literally in between Rockies is Lake Minnewanka. Another breath taking lake in Banff National Park. This one sits lower in elevation thus it’s all liquid by May.
  9. Finally, after a bit of walk around Lake Minnewanka, a spot to savor alone. Well around May, and on a Monday, there are lots of quiet spaces in the national park anyway. On the next day, it’s time to head back to the USA. This is the last moment to savor in between.

We hope you enjoyed reading the details behind the 18-day photo story on @palakape Instagram. Till the next travel footprint, and enjoy the in between.



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