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EP 4: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings Episode 4 Tumbnail

The Aeropress is such a good kit that allows for “customization” even for just black coffee. One way to use it is by the inverted method, as demonstrated in this episode.  The Palakape also touched upon the pressure added when brewing via Aeropress. The…

EP 3: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings Episode 3 Tumbnail

Have you ever not followed a user manual?  In this episode, the Palakape’s most favorite manual brewer is featured: the Aeropress. Oddly, he never followed its user manual before.  That’s because he just adapted what was demonstrated in the barista class where he first…

EP 2: Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings

Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings Episode 2 Tumbnail

In a more peaceful episode, the Palakape shows you how he usually brews coffee with the French Press. Already aware of his preference, instruments are not used in this video. Because ultimately, you decide on how you like your coffee!  How about you? What…

EP 1: Semi-Interrupted Coffee Mornings

Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings Episode 1 Tumbnail

When the first video recordings for the series were shot, the Palakape’s nephew was at the scene, curious about the activity.  The little kid is usually like that when he’s in the mood to check his uncle brewing coffee.  To add to that, there…

Semi-Interrupted Coffee Mornings

Semi-interrupted Coffee Mornings title screen

Brewing your own coffee can make drinking it, better.  We are preparing a simple mini series, where we show how to brew coffee manually using the personal brewers collected by one Palakape. Making coffee in the backyard, the Palakape encounters a few interruptions from…

Palakape – It’s a Lifestyle

Grabbing palakape mug

For some people, coffee is not just a drink, but a way of life.  Happy International Coffee Day!  What is coffee to you? In this video: believe it or not, such is a typical coffee time for one palakape, LOL  

Leaving the Park, Listing the Pluses

Palakape Owner and baristas saying bye to Localle

So it came to an end… quickly. The last blog entry was more than 6 months ago, about us putting up a stall at a food park.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t sustain our stay there.  We were only able to ride the wave for some…

The Food Park bandwagon? We jumped on one BTW

Palakape cup at busy Localle Food Park

Is it just a bandwagon, or will food parks be here to stay? Food parks are a thing in the Philippines recently (or in Metro Manila at least).  They are sprouting everywhere!  They seem to work for Filipinos.  With a laid back, non-intimidating atmosphere,…

Definition: a Palakape

What is palakape? Palakape is a Filipino word to describe someone who frequently or regularly drinks coffee, or someone who likes coffee. It may also refer to someone who is dependent on coffee. So palakape can be used to describe a person with a…